Creative Classroom Ideas for the Perfect Lighting at Home or in School

For children all around the country, summer is over and it is time to head back into the classroom. Whether your child is learning at home or in school, we have some creative classroom ideas for creating a brilliant learning environment. Here are our favorite creative classroom ideas for the perfect lighting from Brilliant Evolution:

Light Up Their Work Area

A well-lit work area is sure to light up some great ideas for students of all kinds. From poorly-lit work areas at home to classrooms with flickering overhead lights, our LED Bar Lights serve as a quick solution to improper lighting. They are simple to install, long-lasting and guaranteed to create better work spaces this school year.

Create Classroom Learning Games

No matter what grade your students are in, classroom games are a great way to spark some enthusiasm about learning various subjects. You can also create an exciting interactive multiple choice test with our Color Changing LED Puck Lights. Simply assign a color to an answer choice, and let the kids create their own fun!

Creative Classroom Ideas for Teachers

Since children tend to be visual learners, our Color Changing LED Puck Lights can serve as great interaction cues for young minds. When you are in the classroom or handling a group of students at home, you can show a green light for when the bathroom is available, and red when it is occupied. These colors can also serve as a reminder for when talking is and is not appropriate in the classroom.

No matter how you choose to create the perfect learning environment, Brilliant Evolution is here to help you make this school year shine. We are dedicated to creating lights that make every situation more simple. Want to learn more about the benefits of using LED lights at home or in the classroom? Check out our blog today!

Photo Sourced from Brilliant Evolution