Creative Home Design Ideas from the Fans of Brilliant Evolution

At Brilliant Evolution, we believe that getting the perfect lighting in your home is the smallest detail that makes the biggest improvement. Our fans never cease to amaze us with their creative , and today, we are honoring their brilliance. Here are some of our favorite creative home ideas from the wonderful fans of Brilliant Evolution lighting products:

Sensational Motion Sensor Stair Lighting

One of our fabulous fans, @theoldhouseonmain, turned our LED Motion Sensor Lights into the perfect staircase lighting. Since the motion sensor technology turns on automatically, they were able to create a safer staircase with a sleek design. Now, when those midnight snacks start calling their name, they won’t have to walk down the staircase in the dark to answer their call.

Home Design Ideas for the Living Room

One of the best benefits of our battery operated LED Puck Lights are that they do not need to be hardwired, making every project simple. Recently, one of our incredible customers, @supermometcetera_home, took advantage of that fact to create a stunning wireless lighting feature in her living room. She found a fun way to suspend our lights from her ceiling to brighten up her living space.

A Great Way to Light Up Your Cabinets

We all aspire to have a modern, elegant kitchen to show off to friends and family. One of our fans, @tuxedofarmhouse, sparked her creativity to bring her kitchen cabinets to life with brilliant lighting. She utilized our LED Puck Lights to create a lighting addition that made her kitchen shine and is sure to impress any and all guests that she welcomes into her home.

The possibilities for home improvements are endless with , but we are always here to help inspire our fans with wonderful . Our lights are simple to install, long-lasting and create a warm glow that makes every home feel more inviting. Want to learn more about the benefits of adding more light to your home? Check out the Brilliant Evolution blog today!