How To Find The Right Wireless Lights For Your Home

A Guide To Wireless Lights

Part accent and part task lighting, wireless lights can be used for under cabinet lighting.  Under cabinet wireless lights are functional elements that are often overlooked in modern  kitchen and workspaces.  We will show you how to get it right when choosing the right wireless lights for your home. A well-lit room calls for multiple layers of wireless lights to address every function of the space.  Accent and task lighting are often overlooked for more general illumination, but we love both looks and the utility of perfectly placed layers by using wireless lights.

wireless lightsIn kitchens, craft rooms, closets, workshops, pantries and elsewhere, great general lighting can only go so far.  When you are standing at the counter with your back to the light source, your body creates a shade right on your workspace.  This is where wireless lights can assist.  Another common problem is that the cabinetry over the countertops can create the same problem for overhead lights.  Under cabinet wireless lights can illuminate surfaces and provide just the right amount of light to allow you to manage tasks with ease.  We will take you through the basics of under cabinet wireless lights, so you can see these spaces in a whole new light.


What Are Wireless Lights?  What Is Under Cabinet Lighting?

Under cabinet lighting is what its name implies:  It is the lighting that you add underneath the cabinetry to illuminate the area immediately surrounding the cabinets.  This is where wireless lights can assist in illuminating this dark area under your kitchen cabinets.  See… problem and simple solution by easy installation of Brilliant Evolution’s wireless lights.  Wireless lights are unlike a traditional lightbulb-style fixture because it is designed to be hidden and space-saving, concealed by the cabinet trim so all you see is the wireless lights effect and not the wireless light itself.  Installation of the wireless lights are easy.  It will vary based on your layout, but there is no need for cords or electrical outlets to be place in obscure areas.  Why?  Because Brilliant Evolution carries a wide variety of wireless lights to provide a simple solution without the wires, without the mess and best of all without the need for an electrician.


Brilliant Evolution’s Wireless Lights

Wireless Lights- Puck Lights

wireless light - puck

Traditionally, puck lights have been the popular option for wireless lights.  Brilliant Evolution’s puck lights are round, thin lights placed on the underside of the cabinetry.  These wireless lights are installed with either 3M tape or screws to hold them in place, both of these mounting options for the wireless lights are included.  These Brilliant Evolution puck lights are approximately 3 inches in diameter, but they can put off a lot of light for wireless lights.  Brilliant Evolution’s wireless lights are LED and can produce plenty of light while using approximately 20 watts of power for ample coverage of the surface.  A good rule of thumb for your wireless lights is to use one Brilliant Evolution puck light for every 36 inches of your countertop.  This way you get the best usage and illumination from your wireless lights.


Wireless lights, specifically, puck lights can be powered with either AA or AAA batteries.  Most of Brilliant Evolution’s wireless lights are powered with AA batteries.  Another added feature of Brilliant Evolution’s wireless lights is that many of the sets come with a remote that has additional features such as a timer and dimming functions.


Wireless Lights- Light Barswireless light bars

Another wireless light option is a Brilliant Evolution light bar.  A light bar is a long, thin light fixture that is also affixed to the underside of the cabinet.  These wireless lights, in the shape of a bar, are ideal for spaces where an even distribution of light is important.  By comparison, wireless lights such as puck lights can create bright spots of light, whereas light bars distribute their light along the length of the fixture more readily.  Wireless lights, specifically, bar lights from Brilliant Evolution are LED which conserve energy, are bright and are cool to the touch.

LED light bars are a popular option in today’s market when it comes to choices in wireless lights because of the safety and quality of light produced by LEDs.  These wireless lights can be purchased in sets with some sets including a remote and additional features associated with the remote.  One of the key features of wireless lights by Brilliant Evolution is that the LED light bars easily link if you want to add additional bars to your current set.  This makes installation a breeze since there isn’t any wiring and the wireless lights are mounted with either 3M or screws, both of which are included.


What Type of Wireless Lights For My Under Cabinet Area Are The Best For Me?

Here are key considerations to keep in mind when deciding which wireless lights are best suited for your under cabinet lighting needs:

  1. Placement & Available Space For Your Wireless Lights

Before making a purchase, it is important to know how much room you have available for your wireless lights.  Most often, it is beneficial to keep the wireless lights hidden for a seamless look.  Tucked in the middle of the under surface of your cabinet is the best option for your Brilliant Evolution wireless lights.  This way it will be easy to slide the light off for battery replacement and also create a more even distribution of light on your surface from the wireless lights.  If you have purchased Brilliant Evolution’s wireless lights that are remote compatible, you will need to ensure that the wifi symbol on the side of the light is facing you and the remote.  Please do not make the mistake of having the wifi symbol facing the wall as the remote feature will not work properly for your wireless lights.

  1. Shape Of Your Wireless Lights

The shape of wireless lights you choose also depends on where you are using the lights.  Consider these tips when choosing the shape of your wireless lights based upon the location of placement.  If you are mounting the wireless lights under kitchen cabinets keep in mind that kitchen countertops tend to be wide open spaces.  This requires more light than other surfaces and may require more wireless lights in this area.  Here, the use of larger light bars may work best for your space and may prove to be better wireless lights.  This is also desirable when the work surface is long, and a continuous amount of light is desired.  However, some people prefer the shape of the puck light for their wireless lights and that is okay too.

In non-kitchen areas that do not require high-impact task lighting, wireless lights, such as puck lights can illuminate small surfaces with ease and create a spotlight effect for a memento or display piece.

In display cases or on shelving, wireless lights make it easy to add lighting to an enclosed cabinet or case.  Wireless lights in this setting can also be customized based on the layout and the overall amount of light desired.  As accent lighting, wireless lights for your under cabinet lighting can be much more subtle than in the kitchen.

Work spaces of any type, especially those under storage cabinets absolutely need wireless lights.  Permanent fixtures such as wireless lights in the shape of either bar or puck lights tend to be the best, with bars providing more consistent wireless lighting across the surface.


How To Install Wireless Lights Under Your Cabinets

installing wireless lightsAs noted, each style of wireless lights does not have a different requirement for installation.  You cannot get any simpler with Brilliant Evolution’s wireless lights as they have two easy ways for installation.  One, you can either mount the wireless lights with 3M or secondly, you can choose to mount the wireless lights with screws, both of these mounting options are included with every package.  Confident and beginner DIYers can install all of Brilliant Evolution’s wireless lights with confidence and in under 5 minutes.  No licensed electrician or technical installations necessary for these wireless lights!  In all cases, you will be successful with installation!


Why Brilliant Evolution’s Wireless Lights?

We believe that the right lighting can make your home come alive. Whether you are a homeowner or renter, we are here to give you the highest-quality quick solution to perfect lighting. From simple installation to shining illumination, our variety of LED wireless lights will last longer, glow brighter and make light work for your space.