How To Select The Best Battery Operated Lights

The question arises as to how to select the best battery operated lights for your home.  At Brilliant Evolution we provide design that is constantly evolving, mastering light so it is perfect for your space!  The primary factors to consider in selecting battery operated lights are brightness, color temperature, run time, and remote capability.  These features are important and Brilliant Evolution is here to assist you in selecting the best battery operated lights for your home.


Brilliant Evolution’s battery operated LED lights can be installed in any closet or under cabinet area in your home.  If you choose to use them in the kitchen, they are installed directly underneath your cabinets to illuminate the countertops below for safer, more functional food prep and brighter counter tops.  Under cabinet LED lighting is also considered a decorative element since the light can show off the backsplash pattern or simply highlight other areas in your space.  Additional lighting can make a kitchen appear larger and many of Brilliant Evolution’s lights are controlled by dimmers and timers to contribute to the overall ambiance.  Brilliant Evolution provides the best under cabinet lighting bringing greater efficiency to your cooking, a bit of class to your kitchen, and energy savings, all with high product ratings.

One of the first features to consider when selecting the best battery operated light is brightness.  The standard unit of measurement for brightness is lumens, which indicates the total amount of light coming out of a bulb or fixture.  Determining how many lumens you need for your installation depends on the size of your kitchen, what you intend to use the lights for, and personal preference.  Dimmable fixtures eliminate the guesswork and are the best way to ensure you are getting the right amount of lumens for every situation since it can always be adjusted to your preference and needs.


Another feature to consider when selecting the best battery operated light is color temperature.  Color temperature is a measurement of how warm or cool a light source is.  Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is measured in degrees Kelvin.  To simplify, the higher the color temperature, the cooler the light.  A traditional incandescent light bulb is 2700-3000 kelvin.  White light is 5000K and blue light is 6500K and above.


This can seem counterintuitive until you understand the origins of color temperature measurement.  Until recently, standard light bulbs worked by running an electric current through a tungsten filament.  The heat from this current caused a filament to glow, producing light.  The hotter a filament gets, the cooler the color of its glow.  The degrees Kelvin system of color temperature measurement is correlated to the color that a tungsten filament will glow at any given temperature.  This is why a 2700 degree Kelvin (2700K) light bulb appears much warmer in hue than a 5000K bulb.  Brilliant Evolution’s LED lights are 3000 Kelvin (3000K) which are a warm white.  For kitchen lighting, most consumers prefer 3000K.


Dimmability is also an important feature in kitchen lighting.  A dimmable under cabinet LED light provides the versatility of maximum light for when you are using the kitchen (such as meal prep, entertaining, cleaning), all the way down to subtle ambient light for evenings or times when the kitchen is not in direct use.


Fully dimmed lights can produce a beautiful, subtle glow that makes your kitchen space easier to navigate at night.  Brilliant Evolution offers a dimming feature on many of its under cabinet LED lighting products.  This dimming feature is located on the remote and it allows for more control and adjustment for your lighting preferences.


Another feature the consumer should consider when choosing the best battery-operated LED light is run time.  Run time is how long the LED light stays bright prior to changing the batteries.  Brilliant Evolution’s full line of LED under cabinet lights have an average product run time of 100 hours when using brand new batteries.  The recommendation is to only use brand new batteries, not mixing old with new batteries, as this will affect light quality and run time.  Most battery operated lights have a 30 hour run time, thus, making Brilliant Evolution the leader in the under cabinet LED lighting market.


The last feature, remote capability, is a key feature that Brilliant Evolution offers which gives the consumer the flexibility of enjoying their space and under cabinet lights without having to physically touch the product.  The remote allows the consumer to turn the lights on and off with the quick press of the button on the remote.  You can also choose to turn the lights on and off manually by pressing/tapping the lens.  Additionally, a timer can be set on the remote which turns the lights off after a certain time period.  This way you will not forget to turn them off, the timer function takes care of this for you.  The remote feature also allows the consumer to decide what level of brightness they prefer.  This can be done with preset levels or you can customize the level of brightness.


Brilliant Evolution offers the brightest battery operated LED lights on the market with the ideal color temperature, higher run time and the added feature of remote capability all to improve the lighting in your home.  All lighting products by Brilliant Evolution are designed for perfection and allows the consumer to choose which lighting product is best for their space.  Brilliant By Design!