Inspiring Home Lighting Ideas from Fans of Brilliant Evolution

One of the most rewarding parts of creating innovative lighting products is seeing the wonderful ways in which they are used. We are absolutely inspired by the creative lighting ideas our fans have found for our products. From closets to kitchens and everything in between, here are some inspiring ideas to brighten up your home with Brilliant Evolution:

A Brilliant Living Room Lighting Idea

This eclectic, contemporary living room was given a major upgrade with the help of our LED Bar Lights! Instagram user and home décor enthusiast, @lillithortiz, had the brilliant idea to improve the ambiance of her living room with some additional lighting. Since our lights are simple to install, she was able to add a splash of light to her very colorful living room in minutes. We are blown away by the creativity and vibrance of her home décor!

Kitchen Lighting Ideas with a Twist


For those that like to live life on the elegant side, @mystylemyhomedecor has set the standard for beautiful kitchen lighting and style. She used our Under Cabinet Lights to accent all of the darkest parts of her kitchen. Now, her ravishing backsplash can come to life to showcase even the smallest details of her perfectly designed kitchen. When guests are over, this small addition can help create an inviting environment that feels more spacious than without extra lighting.

A Gorgeous Closet Lighting Display

closet organization

Every day begins with a trip to the closet, so why not start your day with a shining smile by improving your closet lighting? This customer used our LED Puck Lights to shine a light on the brilliance of her style, wardrobe and closet organization. This modern closet will not only create a convenient way to find the perfect outfit for the day, but it will also let you showcase your most valuable shoes and accessories. Every outfit will look great with the right lighting!

No matter where your home could use more lighting, Brilliant Evolution is here to provide you with the creative ideas and high-quality LED lights to make it happen. Be sure to follow our wonderful customers on Instagram to see more of their inspiring lighting ideas! If you have any of your own, be sure to tag us so we can admire your work! Ready to dive into more modern lighting ideas for your home? Check out our blog today!