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Brilliant Ideas to Make the Most of Motion Sensor Lights

Whether it is a cluttered closet or a dark entryway, motion sensor lights are the perfect solution for many lighting problems. Hiring an electrician to install wired lighting can be an expensive hassle, especially when a lot of areas only need to be lit while being used. Here are a couple of ideas to improve the lighting in your home or apartment with motion sensor lighting from Brilliant Evolution:

Spruce Up Your Closet and Pantry Lighting

When not properly lit, closets and pantries can feel like a black hole, making it impossible to find the items you need. Since these areas only need to be lit while you are using them, our motion sensor lights make for a perfect solution. They automatically turn off after 30 seconds of no motion, which means you can close the door and walk away without worrying about your electric bill.

Create Better Shed and Storage Lighting

A storage shed is also a great candidate for motion sensor lighting. Sheds can be dark and disorganized, but not used often enough to justify the cost of installing wired lights. Our motion sensor lights are the perfect solution, only turning on when you are in the shed. With options of puck and ceiling motion sensor lights, our lights can help you light up any storage area.

Use Motion Sensor Lights for Entryway Lighting

Instead of fumbling around in the dark when you first enter your home or apartment, install a motion sensor light. Our ceiling light is a simple and elegant way to greet you on your way in and make your daily life a little easier. All of our battery operated lights come with both 3M adhesive tape and screws so you can install them with ease and minimal damage.

With a little creativity, Brilliant Evolution LED lights can help illuminate any area of your home or apartment. If you have found some creative uses for any of our products, please feel free to share your brilliant lighting ideas with us on Instagram @brilliantevolutionled. Want to learn more about the best ways to use our LED lights? Check out our blog today!


Photo Sourced by Brilliant Evolution