Sprinter Van conversion project with LED Puck Lights

At Brilliant Evolution, we love to see how our customers use our lights in creative and innovative ways. From art projects to DIY home improvements, there are tons of ways to light up your world with our products. Scott Evans from California recently started a Mercedes Sprinter van conversion project with our puck lights that is sure to spark inspiration. Here’s everything you need to know about starting a van conversion project of your own using puck lights from Brilliant Evolution:

From International Bike Rides to Living the Vanlife

Scott sat down with us to discuss the past, present and future of his journey into van life. His adventure started with a biking trip through Southeast Asia, but after falling in love with the great outdoors, he quickly moved on to his van conversion project. His first van conversion was a Ford Transit Connect, but it didn’t offer him any room to grow, so he moved on to a Mercedes Sprinter.

The Sprinter Van Conversion Project

Scott’s Sprinter Van is fully stocked with everything he needs to turn a road trip into an adventure. Inside of one van, he was able to fit a fold-out couch, a two-burner stove and a sink that operates on a USB rechargeable water pump and a 5-gallon water tank. His entire van was running on a relatively small solar-powered battery, so he decided it was best if his appliances ran on their own internal battery. That’s when he discovered the brilliance of our battery operated puck lights.

Making the Most of Our Puck Lights

Once he started using our puck lights, Scott quickly realized all of their benefits. By lighting his van with our battery operated lights, he was able to avoid the headache of having to hardwire each light into his van. Scott says that “A lot of lights aren’t adjustable so being able to turn it down or set a timer is so intuitive and so smart to have those options. They’re simple to use and even after 8 months of use in the van, I haven’t had to change the batteries once. I love these lights.”

No matter how you choose to make the most of our puck lights, there are tons of uses that probably haven’t crossed your mind. If you’ve found a brilliant way to use any of our products, please tag us on Instagram at @brilliantevolutionled and be sure to follow Scott at @adventureoveramenities to follow the adventure! Want to find some inspiration of your own? Check out our blog today!

For this project, Scott used our Color Changing Led Puck Light 6 Pack and our LED Puck Light 6 Pack.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Evans