LED Closet Lights

LED closet lights are typically a circular or rectangle shape.  LED closet lights will vary in size and brightness. Closet lights can also contain motion sensor light technology which operates by sensing the movement of warm objects.  When a warm object moves in front of the LED motion sensor light, it will turn on.  When the warm object stops moving the lights will turn off after a period.



LED closet lights are used for ambient light in spaces that require additional brightness. Examples of spaces that would be perfect for LED lights include under cabinets, dark hallways, garages, closets, stairways or any space that would require additional lighting. These LED closet lights can also be used to illuminate kitchen countertops or backsplashes. LED closet lights do not require touch, making them user friendly and allow people to see where they are going. Additionally, LED lights conserve power and will save on your electric bill. Out motions sensor closet lights will shut off when no motion is detected. Installing these lights will illuminate dark spaces making it easier to navigate and make your closet space safer. Battery operated LED closet lights are a quick and easy way to add additional lighting. These closet lights are a useful solution and can be added in many places where additional lighting is needed or where natural daylight does not reach.


Our closet lights illuminate an area from 3-17 feet. Review the details on each of our LED lights for more information. These lights are also great for illuminating any dark space.

Why Choose Brilliant Evolution LED CLOSET LIGHTS?

Brilliant Evolution offers a wide assortment of LED closet lights. Our selection of closet lights are either circular or rectangular with simple mounting options. Our designed closet lights shine brighter by projecting a warm or bright white glow that makes any dark space bright. LED closet lights provide a simple solution that is for perfect closet lighting, kitchen lighting, shelf lighting, and so much more. The battery powered LED lights operate may for 1 year or longer before you need to change the batteries. The run time on our LED lights is four times longer than any other lighting. Brilliant Evolution closet lights are motion activated which means the motion sensor turns the light on. The lights turns off after 30 seconds of no motion. These light only activate during darkness to conserve battery life. Our LED closet lights detect motion from up to 10-20 feet away. These lights are the perfect solution for a closet lighting or spot lighting within your closet. We believe that our customers will find that our wide assortment LED closet lights are highly versatile in their use and can be creatively used to solve many lighting issues.