LED Puck Lights

LED puck lights are reminiscent of a hockey puck. Most LED puck lights, and hockey pucks have a 3-inch diameter and are about 1-inch thick. LED puck lights are convenient and compact so they will fit almost anywhere.


What Are LED Puck Lights?

LED puck lights are energy efficient. Incandescent puck lights are inefficient because 90% of the energy goes towards heat and only 10% towards light. LED puck lights are highly efficient with 90% of the energy going to light and only 10% towards heat. This is why LED puck lights are cool to the touch. Incandescent puck lights last about 1,000 hours whereas LED puck lights last about 50,000 hours. This means LED puck lights can last up to 50 years. By switching to LED puck lights your energy cost can be reduced up to 80%.

Brilliant Evolution Superior Lighting Performance

LED Puck Lights

Where To Use LED Puck Lights?

LED puck lights are used for adding ambient lighting in residential and light commercial settings. These LED puck lights can be used to illuminate kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and inside glass-front cabinets and display cases.  LED puck lights are ideal for smaller areas.  Use LED puck lights to highlight decorative objects and in places where other light fixtures would be too bulky or impractical.  If space is at a premium it is best to use LED puck lights.  Battery operated LED puck lights are a quick and easy way to add additional lighting.  LED puck lights are useful solution in older homes where a single lighting fixture had historically been responsible for providing light to an entire room.  LED puck lights can be added in many places where additional lighting is needed or where natural daylight does not reach.  LED puck lights can be placed inside of cabinets, bathrooms, within vanities, in sheds, within display cases, within home entertainment centers; or just about any other location where a little extra lighting might be needed.

Why Choose Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Lights?

Brilliant Evolution offers a wide assortment of LED puck lights.  Our selection of LED puck lights are available in recessed and surface mounted options.  For even more flexibility, some of our LED puck lights are remote controlled, making them great for light layering and creating customized lighting schemes.  The remote control LED puck lights have a dimmer, auto off timer and on/off capabilities for convenient control of your LED puck lights.  The remote allows you to control several LED puck lights at the same time!  The dimming can be done on a sliding scale, or instantly in 50% increments.  The remote also contains a control timer, which allows you to set a timer for automatic off in 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes to converse battery life.  Speaking of battery lights, each of our battery operated LED puck lights are rated to run for 100 hours on each new set of batteries.  Within our selection of LED pucks, we also carry LED motion sensor lights and color changing LED puck lights.  We believe that our customers will find that our LED puck lights are highly versatile in their use and can be creatively used to solve many space-conscious lighting issues.  All Brilliant Evolution LED puck lights are available in a 3000K color temperature option.  There are also color changing LED puck lights available that have 16 color options.

How Many LED Puck Lights Do I Need?

Our LED puck lights illuminate a 36-inch area.  In most cases one LED puck light should be used for every two cabinet doors.  LED puck lights are also great for illuminating closets and pantries.  One or two LED puck lights can illuminate an average size closet or pantry.