Wireless Lights

Our wireless lights have no wires to hook up.  Brilliant Evolution Wireless lights vary in size as far as length and width.  We have Wireless lights that are ultra thin and Wireless lights that come in multipacks. Some of our Brilliant Evolution Wireless lights come include a remote. Wireless lights are convenient and can illuminate most large spaces.

Battery LED Lights

Where To Use Wireless lights?

Wireless lights are used for adding ambient lighting in residential and light commercial settings. These wireless lights can be used to illuminate kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and inside glass-front cabinets and display cases.  Wireless lights are ideal for medium to large areas.  Use wireless lights to highlight decorative objects. Battery operated wireless lights are a quick and easy way to add additional lighting.  These wireless lights are a useful solution in homes where additional lighting is necessary.  Wireless lights can be added in many places where additional lighting is needed or where natural daylight does not reach.  Wireless lights can be placed inside and under cabinets, bathrooms, within vanities, in sheds, within display cases, within home entertainment centers; or just about any other location where a little extra lighting might be needed.


Why Choose Brilliant Evolution Wireless lights?

Brilliant Evolution offer a wide assortment of wireless lights.  Some of our wireless lights have a remote-control feature, while other wireless lights have a dimmer, auto off timer and on/off capabilities for convenient control of your wireless lights.  The remote allows you to control several LED bars lights at the same time!  The dimming can be done on a sliding scale, or instantly in 50% increments.  The remote also contains a control timer, which allows you to set a timer for automatic off in 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes to converse battery life.  Speaking of battery lights, each of our battery operated wireless lights are rated to run for 100 hours on each new set of batteries.  We believe that our customers will find that our wireless lights are highly versatile in their use and can be creatively used to solve many space-conscious lighting issues.